Kenneth Power


Who am I and what do I do? Well ,.. I do everythine from sales and service to software and hardware installations. I have laid cables in basements and across roofs as well as in comfortable modern offices and antiquated old factories. I have even digitally connected buildings when others said it couldn’t be done. I install computer based security systems where IP Cameras, which can be activated by motion day or night, have their data recorded on remote Servers and even transmitted onto the Internet to be seen anywhere in the World.With more than 30 years experience I have been able to build relationships with the best suppliers in the World. If you intend buying products from any of these suppliers, you should check the price with me first. I can always supply it cheaper.



I pride myself on being imaginative and original in my approach to infrastructural problems and software deployment solution and the financial implications on my customer is always paramount in the services I provide.

In an ideal World every business would be able to purchase an I.T. system which suits their needs at start-up and maintain such systems in house. However, in the real World businesses usually start with a basic mishmash of computers to get them off the ground and add bits as time goes by inevitably ending up with a collection of odds and ends which won’t play ball with one another and can leave an enterprise vulnerable to all sorts of problems which cannot be tackled by the staff who are too busy doing their own jobs.

That’s where I come in. I keep systems running at their optimum. I maintain, repair and upgrade equipment in efficient and cost effective ways. I foresee future issues and keep MD’s and small business owners advised of situations, and more often than not, those situations are positive because I have been able to keep things running nicely long before any problems arise.

About Me

The World of Computers is my passion. Some people love sports, some love music. Everyone has a passion and for me it’s IT. I have been an I.T. consultant for over 30 years. In fact when I started, I was called a computer Consultant. Later with the advent of modems and mobile phones my title was changed by society to be ‘Information and Communications Technology Consultant’ (ICT Consultant) but nowadays I am an I.T. Consultant. Whatever you call me you can be sure that I have a wealth of experience and expertise. I was building computers before the Floppy Disc had even been invented. I was there when the first Hard Drive was made and I can remember when CD drives were measured in speeds and all computers were beige. In fact the first computer that I ever worked on had no drives of any type, no way to save any file, no printer and even no screen. Just getting the thing to switch on was a challenge and I loved it.


I design and host Websites at a fraction of the normal cost. This gives the customer far greater ease of access because the customer can talk directly to me and I will upload any changes  when needed more

I fix any broken computer if it can be fixed and I repair all types of malfunctions from formatting a hard drive to re-building a Server. I create and maintain in-house Intranets and safeguard against the perils of the internet


I have worked with some of the biggest organisations  in Ireland like Guinness, St. Patrick’s College, The Dublin Diocese and Independent Newspaper to name but a few, and the small firms and individual customers for whom I have worked are too numerous to list here.